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We're happy to announce an update to your VolunteerMatters Website Component! Recently, during our regular feature upgrades, we added the ability for a Site Content Manager to add new web content when managing the site. As part of this update, a new method of managing your home page was introduced, Home Page Spotlights.

Rather than trying to display all of your important content on one page, your home page should act as a launching point for users visiting your site. This means using succinct teaser content with the goal of bringing the site visitor further in to the full content within your site. 

With that in mind, the home page of your site will now utilize a more simplified interface when editing spotlight content. The benefit is a reduction in the amount of clutter which tends to build up when the home page is an open canvas. The spotlights now serve as a guide, to help your content managers keep to your organization's message and branding, while also maintaining the professional look of your site design. Therefore, the spotlights are more restrictive with content and how it is displayed, but this allows you to keep your home page looking clean and aesthetically pleasing without overloading it with text and images. 

Please see the Managing home page spotlights. article or contact VolunteerMatters support if you would like to know how you can get started using this exciting new feature immediately!

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