The 'Chooser' will be changing this weekend!

The contact 'Chooser' that is utilized when assigning Volunteers to shifts, adding contacts as email recipients, etc has been modified and will replace the existing chooser the weekend of June 15th.  In the past, the chooser opened up in a separate web page with its own URL. 


The 'Chooser'  now opens up as a dialog within the current window so that it is easily accessed and it is confined to the web page on which you are working.  It is fully compatible with all browser types, is not restricted by pop-up blockers, and stays with the browser page you are currently working on. The new 'Chooser' is also modal, meaning the rest of the page is disabled while working within the dialog (notice how the page is greyed out behind the chooser in the image below).

You will notice the styling is slightly different, as are the buttons for Quick and Advanced find, but for the most part the functionality is completely the same.   The one option that is not available in the new  'Chooser' is the adding/deleting/editing of List Views from the Chooser.  This must now be done via the Contact Database page only.   Managing your views in the contact database gives you a full page view of the views you are managing.



You will notice that anytime the 'Chooser' is working it will display an animated sprocket.



List Views are seeded from your Contact Database page and display as before:



Results per page function as before but have been relocated on the chooser to make it's selection easier to make.  As before, once you change the Result Per Page selection it will automatically refresh the list to the new choice.


The "Quick Search" field functions exactly as before but the button is different.  Please see the image below for the new button:



The "Advanced Search" functions exactly as before but the button is different.  Please see the image below for the new button.



This button will open the new look 'Advanced Search' styling but the functionality is the same.  You will still select the Filter Criteria from the drop-down list and then, depending on the field type, be presented the with selections, text fields, date selectors, etc to utilize that criteria.  In this sample, it is a choose from a list field.  Once you make your filter criteria you will click the "Add" button.



Once one filter criteria has been added, you can select a new criteria from the dropdown and repeat the process.  If you wish to remove a criteria you can do so by clicking on the remove icon on the far right of each criteria (vm_NewChooser_8_AdvancedFind_REMOVE.png).   The Filter Match is displayed different in the Advanced find in the new 'Chooser' as well. Previously it was a drop down that switched it "All Criteria" to "Any Criteria" and vice versa and you had to click an "Apply" button.  In the new 'Chooser' there are buttons for these choices and are labeled "Match All" and "Match Any".  When one of the buttons is enabled it appears white and if the button is greyed out it is currently not selected.  In the image below "Match All" is selected.


Match All selected:

Match Any selected:


As before in the Chooser, if you check a record from the list, it will populate the box at the top of the chooser.  If you uncheck a contact from the list, they will be removed from the box.  The 'check-all' and 'clear-all' buttons still exist in the same location**.  When you are happy with your selections you can click 'OK' to add those contacts to whatever functionality you launched the 'Chooser' from. 



After clicking 'OK', the dialog will close and the selections will populate the 'Choose' box from where the 'Chooser' was launched.



**As in the previous 'Chooser',  if you “check all” or “clear all” it will only act on the records viewable in the list, not on all of the records that may have resulted from a search. For example, if your “Results per Page” were set to 25, it would act on the 25 records displayed. If “Results per Page” were set to 500, it would act on the 500 records displayed.

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