We have updated the HTML editor within VolunteerMatters!

The HTML Editor for VolunteerMatters has been updated!  No worries, with this update, the editor will include the same great features as before but with a couple new items!


Along with the previously available features, the new editor features the following updates:

1 - "Maximize" - This allows the administrator working in the HTML editor to expand the editor window to the dimensions of their web browser.  This allows the admin to get a better look at the content they are constructing outside of the smaller window of the standard HTML Editor.  You just need to click the button again to return the window to its original size.


2 - "Special Characters" - This button makes it possible for the administrator to insert characters that are not part of the standard keyboard.


3 - "Block Quote" - This button provides the feature of block-level quotation (HTML <blockquote> tag) in contents.



Along with these new features, the updated HTML editor is now available within the Chome web browser, so this along with the new contact chooser makes it a viable browser for administrative use within VolunteerMatters!

**NOTE: With the new Chooser and HTML Editor, if you are utilizing Internet Explorer you must not utilize Compatibility View.

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