System Maintenance 1/23/2015 - Migration to Amazon Cloud - COMPLETED.


System Maintenance: VolunteerMatters Components to the Amazon Web Services cloud is completed.

Great news! The migration to the new servers is complete and the DNS changes have been made for all those we had access to.  If we didnt have access to your DNS records we have already contacted you regarding so.

Please note, that just because the migration is complete and the DNS records have been modified for most websites, the propagation of the DNS changes may take some time to reach all corners of the internet. We are seeing changes move faster than ever before, however it may be best to hold off any making any changes to your website for up to 12-24 hours to fully make sure you are on the correct server so you do not need to duplicate any work.  But if you need to make changes today, one way you can test if you are on the right server is to ping your domain name from your local machine.

  • Windows:

    From the command prompt window type: ping and hit return.
  • MAC:

    From the network utility window type: ping and hit the ping button.

For both MAC and Windows the ping response you want to see is that your domain resolved to the IP Address. 

The rest of the ping will be "Request Timed Out" and that is intended.

If you see that IP address you can make changes without hesitation.

Over the next few days we will be deactivating your websites at the old server and eventually turning off the old server completely.

If you have any questions or concerns about this scheduled maintenance, please visit or email

The Closerware Product Team


Amazon Web Services serve hundreds of thousands of customers in more than 190 countries via a steadily expanding global infrastructure.  Your VolunteerMatters system will share the same infrastructure as Netflix, Pinterest, Shazam, Yelp, GE, Pfizer, IMDb, Nasdaq OMX, TicketMaster, Adobe, Nokia, and Linked In.  The migration to this new service will require some down-time but will not impact your system data or configuration in any way.

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