VolunteerMatters Opportunity Matching and Searching!

Within VolunteerMatters you can:

Restrict Volunteer Opportunities by Status

You can now set which statuses should be allowed to see and sign up for specific volunteer opportunities.  When adding a new volunteer opportunity you will see a set of check-boxes that relate to your Contact Statuses.  Just check the boxes for the statuses that should be allowed to see the opportunity and it will hide the opportunity for everyone else.  To enable this matching you configure on each calendar individually.  This functionality is only available on VolunteerMatters Pro and above.  Click here for more information.

Designate New Attributes for Volunteer Opportunities
You may now flag volunteer opportunities with up to six related attributes.  For example you may designate what category, type, skills, interests, certifications, or groups are related to a specific opportunity.  For Pro and Enterprise customers, if you would like to add or remove attributes please contact support. This functionality is only available on VolunteerMatters Pro and above.

Allow Volunteers to Search Volunteer Opportunities Based on Attributes
You may now activate a search mechanism on the volunteer calendar and list view so that volunteers can return those volunteer jobs with specific qualities.  For example, return on those opportunities that work with children, or require carpentry skills, or benefit a specific partner agency.  Please contact support if you would like to expand the options your volunteers have for searching through volunteer opportunities. This functionality is only available on VolunteerMatters Pro and above.

Show/Hide Volunteer Opportunities Depending on a Volunteer's Credentials (Enterprise Customers Only)
You may now activate "Matching" on a volunteer calendar so that the system will hide those opportunities where the volunteer does not have the same attributes as the opportunity.  For example, if the volunteer opportunity has been designated as requiring a training course or having passed a criminal background check, only those volunteers with those designations can see that opportunity.  All other volunteers would never see those opportunities.   If you are an Enterprise subscriber and would like to establish matching rules, please contact support for further assistance.

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