Bulk Add Site Users using Contact Chooser

Previously you could only add Site User Records in bulk by 'Status'.  Meaning any record that was of the status selected and did not already have a site user record, had a site user record created.

Now you can utilize the contact chooser in creating site users in bulk as opposed to simply by status.  There are cases where an administrator may not wish all records of a specific status have site user records.  The chooser could allow another contact or custom field as the identifier when creating new site user records.  And in cases where you want it by status, you can still filter by status in chooser as well.

If you should require to generate site user records en masse you can navigate to the following within VolunteerMatters: Setup > Bulk Add (within Setup Utilities section) and click on Bulk Add.


Then click on 'Choose' to open the contact chooser:


Then using the chooser as normal, you can select contact records to have site user records by List View, Quick Find, and Advanced find.  From within those, you can then check the specific records to be included in the chooser and then clicking "OK"

REMINDER: It’s important to note that if you “check all” or “clear all” it will only act on the records viewable in the list, not on all of the records that may have resulted from a search. For example, if your “Results per Page” were set to 25, it would act on the 25 records displayed. If “Results per Page” were set to 500, it would act on the 500 records displayed. The “Results per Page” setting is at the top-middle of the contact chooser.


This will populate the "Contacts" window on the "Add Site Users" page with those selected.   Then you can follow the normal instructions for creating site user records in bulk:


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