New Built-in Field for those Databases with Giving Interactions: Organization

There is a new built-in field called "Organization", which must be activated by Closerware Support, for those customers who have Giving Interactions activated within their VolunteerMatters' databases. 

This new field is now searchable via the Quick Find functionality within the Contact Database list and is returned as a column when the built-in field is activated:



The "Organization" field is also available as a column and filter criteria in the Giving Interactions list views and Report Datasources:


Click here for more information on Managing List Views.

If you have already had Giving Interactions activated you are likely using an organization field that is was a custom field that is not the same as this built in field.  Closerware Support will be contacting those customers to make the changes necessary (report templates, list views, etc).  You can contact if you have any questions.

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