Volunteer Interaction List Views

Each time some volunteer activity occurs within the system, a "volunteer interaction" is recorded.  We use these records for reporting - either on-screen (via list views) or in reports.  There are three major areas of the system that allow the on-screen display of volunteer interactions: My Profile, the Contact Database, and the Centralized Interaction View.

My Profile

Volunteers can log-in to the portal and visit the "Volunteering" tab in 'My Profile'.  An administrator with list-view management rights can update the different views they have into their volunteer activity.  This allows the admin to show lists of any/all volunteer interactions (volunteering, absences, self-withdrawals, etc.)

Contact Database

Administrators can access a database of system contacts where they can view and managed their contact and biographical data.  Part of the contact's record is a "volunteering" tab where administrators can see the volunteer interactions related to that contact.  The views that are available here are defined under the centralized interaction view described below.



Centralized Interaction View

Administrators can access a view of volunteer interactions across all contacts by visiting the main Admin Menu and clicking on "Volunteering" under the "Interactions" grouping. Administrators with list-view management rights can create a new set of views specific to administrators.  The views are available here, on the volunteering tab for contact records in the contact database, and in the contact chooser when choosing contacts based on volunteering.

 You can visit the 'Admin' menu and select the 'Volunteering' icon under the 'Interactions' group (See image below).



In order to add or edit list views, check the (+) icon to the right of the list view field.  This will reveal options to edit, add, or clone (sheep) an existing view (See image below).



When creating or editing volunteer interaction views, you may narrow the included records (e.g., to only certain types of events or contacts). For example, you can add a "Field Filter" where you may narrow the list by:

  • Date - only volunteers who volunteered 'on or after' or 'before' a certain date
  • Type - only volunteering of certain type(s) (types are manageable per customer and can be assigned to shifts)
  • Project Name – only volunteering for specific projects
  • Volunteer Role – This is the shift name/role
  • Source - The type of volunteer activity (e.g., attended volunteer shift, shift absence, shift withdrawal, admin reported, self-reported)

For more information  on volunteer interaction list view filters, please visit:


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