Emailing Volunteers Directly From a Volunteer Shift

To send an email from a Shift to all Volunteers, the administrator must have email admin security access as well as either Volunteer Administration, Volunteer Calendar Manager or Admin: Volunteer Coordination security access roles. 

  1. Log into VolunteerMatters and click on Admin and then click on the Calendar the volunteer shift resides in.  
  2. From there locate the shift you wish to add assignments to and click on the hyperlinked number that is under the "Confirmed Assignments" icon (assignments-confirmed-24.png) column.
  3. This will open the assignment detail  for the shift in question within the volunteer shift list view rather than having to enter a new screen.
  4. At the bottom of the assignment detail area (below the list of volunteers) you will see the "email contacts" button. 


  5. When clicked the system brings the administrator to the email utility with those assignments populated as recipients and the email body seeded with all of the shift information, including a link back to the system.
  6. At this point you can customize the Subject, Body, Attachments, select/deselect assignees**  to receive the email, and preview and send.



**The list displays the date/time stamp of when the person was assigned and orders the assignees by assigned date oldest to newest.  This enables an admin to easily identify recent assignees.  For example, if an admin wanted to send out an email to all people newly assigned to a shift today, they can click 'assignments' icon for the shift, click 'email contacts', and only check the box adjacent to the names with an assigned day/time stamp from today.

NOTE:  If you wish to remove contacts from the email after you have clicked "Save and Preview" you must utilize the Chooser to deselect recipients for the email.

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