Add shifts to a volunteer calendar.

You may easily add new volunteer shifts for a single day, or a set of days within a range and by day of the week.

  1. Log into the VolunteerMatters system (you must have the appropriate permissions to manage volunteer calendars)
  2. Click on Admin icon and then click on the calendar to which you wish to add a shift
  3. Click ‘Add’ toward the top of the page.
  4. Enter the name of this volunteer shift
  5. Enter a description for this shift. The description appears when a volunteer clicks on that shift in the calendar.
  6. Enter Date Range and Days of Week

    Shift that is on a single day:
    If the shift you are entering is for a single day, enter that same date (mm/dd/yyyy) in the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' fields. You may check the day of the week that date lands or if you do not know, you may select all days of the week (In either case it will only create that shift for the one day specified by the start and end date).

    Shifts that repeat over multiple days:
    If you would like to enter a set of days you may enter a date range (for example 01/01/200X through 12/31/200X) by entering the earliest date of the range in the 'Start Date' field and the last date of the range in the 'End Date' field. Next, chose which days of the week, you would like to be including within that date range. If there are dates from this set you would like to remove from the calendar you may do so by unchecking those days/shifts within the preview stage.
  7. Enter the start time of the volunteer shift.
  8. Enter the end time of the volunteer shift.
  9. Enter the maximum number of volunteers that may be assigned to this volunteer shift.
  10. Choose the proper volunteer shift status. A "locked" shift is one that will be viewable from the website but will not accept sign-ups from volunteers regardless of whether or not an assignment had previously been made. A "released" volunteer shift is a shift that is available to accept signups/registrations from the website.
  11. You may optionally select which criteria the volunteer must match in order to view and sign up for the shift. By checking particular statuses or skills for example, you can require that only volunteers with those statuses or skills are able to sign up for the shift.
  12. Click 'Preview' to review your proposed additions
  13. Click 'Apply' to save your changes or click 'Back' to alter those changes
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