Manage Volunteer Calendars


  1. After logging into VolunteerMatters, you may select Admin, then Volunteer Calendars to view a list of existing calendars or add new calendars. 
  2. Click ‘new calendar’ or 'edit' to the right of an existing calendar.
  3. Enter the following:
  • Name – Choose a unique calendar name comprised of alpha-numeric characters

  • Status - Active calendars are available for use. Calendars with Preview status can be displayed but will not allow sign-ups. Disabled calendars are only accessible by administrators.

  • Description

  • Lock-in Days - This is the number of days before a shift, after which volunteers may not withdraw using the system.

  • Lock-out Days - This is the number of days before a shift, after which volunteers may not sign-up or withdraw using the system.

  • Time zone - Choose the time zone applicable for this calendar. It is discouraged to create a volunteer calendar that may be used by volunteers or administrators from various time zones. If this is a necessity you must educate your volunteers that the notifications shifts times, etc. will be set to the time zone that was selected by the administrator.

  • Display order - This value helps order calendars in lists by overriding the default alphabetical ordering. The lower the whole number entered in this field, the higher the calendar will be displayed when listed. If two or more calendars have the same display order value, they will be sorted alphabetically.

  • Allow On Behalf Of - An administrator may identify if your contacts may "sign up on behalf of friends" for certain volunteer opportunities. When the volunteer signs-up, they will be prompted to include the name and email address of the friends they will be bringing with them. If those friends are not already in your contact database, a new record will be created and they will be added as an assignee for that event.

  • Allow Volunteer Comments - When a volunteer signs up for a volunteer opportunity you can allow them to provide a comment/feedback at the time of the sign-up.

  • Hide Volunteers - When a volunteer reviews the detail on a volunteer opportunity they may see a list of individuals currently assigned to that opportunity. You may turn this ability off so they may only see whether they are signed up or not. By default, calendars are set to show the list of current assignees to all volunteers.

  • Allow Waiting Lists - Available for VolunteerMatters Pro and Enterprise subscriptions, this functionality allows an administrator to activate waiting lists for all shifts within the calendar.  This will allow volunteers to add themselves to a waitlist for shifts with no more available slots.  An administrator can also manually add individuals or groups to the waitlist area.

If you subscribe to the Kiosk Add Module you will also have the following additional configuration options on each calendar:

  • Kiosk Mode – Choose from the available Kiosk Modes: None, Attendance, Relaxed, and Strict

  • Use Location Services - This allows a calendar setting to require the volunteer be within X number of meters of an address to be able to check in/out of their volunteer shifts via Personal Kiosk Check-in on their mobile device. The default distance is 100 meters.   To enable, a shift must been in one of the available Kiosk Modes and  then select "True" for location services.

  • Location – Enter the calendar address that will be used for the location services.

  • Location Range (m) - The "Location Range" is in meters.  The default setting is 100 Meters.  These are set on the calendar and cannot be modified on a per shift basis. 

Please review the Kiosk Administration solutions for more detailed information on these settings.




You cannot delete a Volunteer Calendar without deleting all shifts associated with that calendar and you can not delete a shift without deleting (removing) all assignments to that shift.

  • To delete assignments you would click on the "Assignments" link next to the shift and then click on "Edit Assignment" on the members assigned to the shift and click "remove assignment". This will remove the member from the shift and allow you to then edit and delete the shift. Click here for more detailed instructions.
  • To then delete shifts in bulk, log into the VolunteerMatters Administrative System, and clicking on Admin then Volunteer Calendars link and then clicking 'Shifts' on the calendar in question. Then you will select the proper list view and then click the "check all" icon next to Calendar in the heading. The you will click the "Delete" icon. Remember, this will only delete those shifts without Assignments.  Click here for more detailed instructions.
  • To delete a calendar with no shifts or assignments you will log into VolunteerMatters and click on Admin and click on Volunteer Calendars. Click edit on the calendar in question and click delete.

Use Location Services

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