Delete shifts from a volunteer calendar.

You may delete volunteer shifts individually or in bulk. To do this, log into the system, click on the Admin config_24.png icon and in the "Volunteering" section, click on the calendar calendar_ok_32.png in which you wish to delete a shift or shifts.

The shifts in the list are those that are returned from the current volunteer shift list view you have selected.  For more information on shift list views click here.

Delete an Individual Shift

To delete an individual shift, simply click the 'Edit' edit_16.png button to the right of its listing. 
Click the “DELETE” button at the bottom of the page.**
You will be prompted with an "Are you sure?" message and have to click 'OK' before the shift is permanently deleted. 

Delete Shifts in Bulk

To delete shifts in bulk, while viewing the list of shifts for your calendar, you may place a check in one or more of the boxes to the left of the shift's listing for which you wish to delete**. Then click the 'Delete'' clock_close_24.png icon located either on the top or bottom of the list of shifts.
You will be prompted with an "Are you sure?" message and have to click 'OK' before the shifts are permanently deleted.



** The system will not allow you to delete shifts that have already been assigned to a contact. You must first delete the volunteer assignment(s) before the system will allow you delete that shift.

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