Assign Volunteer Calendar Administrators

You may assign individuals administrative rights to a specific Volunteer Calendar. This requires a two-step process. First, you must add either the "Volunteer Calendar Manager" or "Admin: Volunteer Coordination" security roles to their site user record. Which ever one it is depends on when your database was deployed but they provide the same functionality. Second, you must grant that administrative user rights to a one or more specific Volunteer Calendars.   This is only available in VolunteerMatters Pro or Enterprise editions.

To add the "Volunteer Calendar Manager" or "Admin: Volunteer Coordination" Security Role to a member's Site User Record you mus follow these steps:

  1. An existing administrator with appropriate privileges can log into the VolunteerMatters Administrative System, click Admin > Database then View/Edit the appropriate record. 
  2. On the contact tab, there will be a box for "System Access". If the user in question does not already have a site user record the box will state "This contact does not have system access" and provides a link to "Create a Contact Site User Record". 
  3. If the contact already has an active site user record the box will state "This contact has a site user record that is currently activated." and provide a link to the "Site User Record" 
  4. Once you are adding or editing a site user record you may check the box adjacent to one or more security roles and click Save. For a description of the permissions each role provides, hover over the role name and hold down your mouse button.
  5. Once you have added the "Volunteer Calendar Manager" or "Admin: Volunteer Coordination" Security Access Role to their contact record you are half way there. Now you must add the individual to a specific Volunteer Calendar.
  6. Click on Admin > Volunteer Calendars and click on the "Admins" link to the right of the calendar you wish to modify.  
  7. Click "New Admin" and search** for the member by name and then add the new member as an Admin for the calendar. You can choose whether or not this member will receive notifications for when members sign up or withdraw from shifts within that calendar.  An email will be sent to the email within their contact record.

This enables you to give rights on a calendar-by-calendar basis. This also means that if an individual has a "Volunteer Calendar Manager" or "Admin: Volunteer Coordination" security access but has not been assigned to a Volunteer Calendar, they will not have any administrative options after successfully logging into your VolunteerMatters administrative site. Both steps must be completed (Add the Security Access Role, and assign that account to one or more Volunteer Calendars).

Please note: If you wish to have the admin allowed the functionality to email directly from the shift they must also have the "Communication Admin", "Admin: Contact Manager", or "Admin: Power User" security role added to their site user record.

**This is a simple search tool that only is searching on specific single fields such as first name and last name and not them together like the enhanced chooser for emails, contact list, etc which uses a powerful combination of all fields.  If you have a record for a "Jane Smith" and you search "Jane Smith" she will not be returned.  If you just enter the first or last name it should be suffice and then you can then select "Jane Smith" from the available drop-down.  These contacts must have site user records to be returned in the search tool.

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