Lock/release a shift for a volunteer calendar.

A "locked" shift is one that will be viewable from the volunteer calendar but will not accept sign-ups from the contacts regardless of whether or not an assignment had previously been made. A "released" volunteer shift is a shift that is available to accept sign-ups/registrations from the volunteer calendar. You may edit volunteer shift status individually or in bulk. To do this, log into the system, click on Admin icon and then click on the calendar you wish to modify. You may set or change the list view for your volunteer shifts by following this solution:

  • To change the status of an individual shift, simply click the 'Edit' button to the right of its listing. You may edit the shift status and click 'Save' to publish your changes.
  • To edit shift status in bulk. You may place a check in one or more boxes to the left of the shift's listing and click the 'Edit' icon/link toward the top of the page. Check the box next to "Status" and then edit the shift status and click 'Save' to publish your changes.

See the following solution for more detailed instructions:

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