Allowing volunteer sign-ups "On Behalf of Friends"

When creating volunteer opportunities, an administrator may identify if your contacts may "sign up on behalf of friends". When the volunteer signs-up, they will be prompted to include the name and email address of the friends they will be bringing with them. If those friends are not already in your contact database, a new record will be created and they will be added as an assignee for that event.

How to allow or prevent the ability to sign-up “friends”

  1. The volunteer must be given permission to sign up friends. 

    By default, all volunteers are given the rights to sign up on behalf of friends via the "Volunteer: Active Contact" security role.  In older configurations there is a additional security role for volunteering on behalf of called "Volunteer Proxy".  That needs to be added to the site user record to allow them to volunteer on behalf of friends.

    Depending on your individual system configuration, you may have the functionality to remove this ability.  If so you can edit a contact’s site user record and remove the SPECIFIC security role for ‘Volunteer On Behalf Of Others’.    If you do not have this functionality this can not be removed unless you have VolunteerMatters Enterprise edition.

  2. The volunteer opportunities must be set to allow the sign-up of friends 
    Turning on the ability to “sign up on behalf of friends” is set for an entire volunteer category/calendar. So if you turn this ability on, then all volunteer opportunities in that calendar will allow the sign-up of friends. In other words, if you want some volunteer opportunities to allow the sign up of friends and a separate set to NOT allow this, those opportunities will have to be in two separate calendars.
    1. Navigate to the Admin > Volunteer Calendars section
    2. Click ‘edit’ to the right of the calendar for which you would like to activate volunteering on behalf of friends.
    3. Set the field “Allow On-Behalf-Of” to ‘true’
    4. Click ‘Save

The Volunteer’s experience

  1. The volunteer selects a volunteer opportunity from the calendar or list view. If volunteering on behalf of friends is activated for this calendar AND the volunteer has the permission to volunteer on behalf of friends, they will see the opportunity to sign up myself, myself and friends, or just friends. 
    Clicking “add more fields” will add three additional rows for “friends” until the maximum available slots have been reached.
  2. The volunteer will fill in the friends’ names and/or email addresses and click “sign up now”. 
    1. The system will match to an existing contact record or create a new contact record 
      1. If the system does not find a match in the system for an existing contact with the same name/email it will add a new contact record to your database and will set its parent record to as the contact record that added them as a friend.
      2. If the system finds more than one match in the database it will return to the screen and ask the volunteer to specify which contact the volunteer assignment should be assigned to.
    2. The system will add a volunteer assignment to the volunteer (if applicable) and their friends.
      1. In the assignment notes for friends it will specify which person signed up on their behalf 
    3. The system will send out an email confirmation to all volunteers and friends will receive an email reminder of their commitment specifying the event details and who signed up on their behalf.
  3. Three days prior to the scheduled volunteer assignment all volunteers and friends will receive an email reminder of their commitment specifying the event details and who signed up on their behalf.
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