Email notifications/confirmations provided by a Volunteer Calendar

When defining or editing a VolunteerMatters' volunteer calendar you may designate one or more "Admins" and what email notifications they will receive. Click on Admin > Volunteer Calendars and click on the "Admins" link to the right of the calendar you wish to modify. Then Click "New Admin" and search** for the contact by name and then add the new contact as an Admin for the calendar. You can choose whether or not this contact will receive notifications for when contacts sign up or withdraw from shifts within that calendar.  An email will be sent to the email within their contact record.

You can also send out manual reminders via the Volunteer Shift Bulk Tools or specific shifts. One allows you to select multiple shifts and send a manual shift reminder to the contacts while the other allows you to email the reminder to the assignments on a single shift and customize the email prior to sending.

Additionally, the system sends an email confirmation to the contact at the time they sign up or withdraw from a shift, and also sends an automated email reminder of their shift assignment three days prior to the shift date.  The automatic reminders are sent at 3am EST for the shifts 3 days from now. For example, a shift on 10/4 will have a reminder sent out at 3am on 10/1. The time of the actual shift is not considered.

These notifications are not entered as Communication Interactions within their Contact Record.

**This is a simple search tool that only is searching on specific single fields such as first name and last name and not them together like the enhanced chooser for emails, contact list, etc which uses a powerful combination of all fields.  If you have a record for a "Jane Smith" and you search "Jane Smith" she will not be returned.  If you just enter the first or last name it should be suffice and then you can then select "Jane Smith" from the available drop-down. These contacts must have site user records to be returned in the search tool.

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