Volunteer Shift Bulk Tools: Generate Website Code to Publish Volunteer Opportunities

Within VolunteerMatters, an administrator with the proper privileges can select a shift, or multiple shifts, from a volunteer calendar and then easily generate HTML to publish a listing of volunteer opportunities to any web page.

This functionality is available for all Standard, Pro, and Enterprise subscribers.

Only Enterprise subscribers may customize the format and layout of the generated code to match their specific branding and preferences.  If you are interested in customizing the html generated please contact VolunteerMatters support.

To do so you will log into VolunteerMatters and click on Admin > Volunteer Calendars and then click on Shifts for the Calendar you wish to send invitations for.  You can also click on Admin and then click on the Volunteer Calendar icon directly.  Then you can follow these instructions:
1 - Select the volunteer opportunities where you would like to publish via the checkbox on the far left and then click "gen html" icon (VM_ShiftICons_GenHTML.png)


2 - The system will provide a preview of what the listing will look like and the HTML you will need copy and then insert in your web page!  You may need to contact your Webmaster for assistance.  For those organizations who subscribe to VolunteerMatters Components Website click here for instructions on how to insert that code into a page or spotlight on your website.


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