Volunteer Shift Bulk Tools: Manual Email Reminders

The system sends automated email reminders to assignees 3 days prior to their assignment.   An administrator with the proper privileges can now select a shift, or multiple shifts, from a volunteer calendar and then send manual Email Reminder(s) to those specific volunteer opportunities to the assignees on those selected shifts.   This utility will send an email directly to those assignees with the shift information for the shift they are assigned.

This functionality is available for all Standard, Pro, and Enterprise subscribers.  

Only Enterprise subscribers can customize the reminder template and it requires hourly professional services which is an additional charge.  If you are interested in customizing the template please contact VolunteerMatters support.

To do so you will log into VolunteerMatters and click on Admin > Volunteer Calendars and then click on Shifts for the Calendar you wish to send invitations for.  You can also click on Admin and then click on the Volunteer Calendar icon directly.  Then you can follow these instructions:
1 - Select the volunteer opportunities you would like to send a reminder for via the checkbox on the far left and click the "remind" icon (VM_ShiftICons_Remind.png).


2 - You will then see a pop-up window that says "Are you sure you wish to send reminder emails to all volunteers for these shifts? This will happen immediately.


If you click "OK" the email reminder will be sent immediately.   If an assignee has more than one shift assignment, it will consolidate all of the information into a single reminder email.

The administrator can them utilize the Chooser to select recipients for the email, customize the text and click "Save and Preview" and if they are satisfied they can click "Send"

Please note:
  If you need to customize the email further before sending, you will need to use the email reminder via a single shift by clicking on the Assignments link and then clicking "Email Volunteers".

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