Multi-Edit Volunteer Assignments

Editing shift assignments is done in multi-edit mode.   The functionality features:

  1. Assignment management (adding and removing assignments) is done within the volunteer shift list view rather than having to enter a new screen.
  2. When managing assignees to a specific volunteer opportunity, you may can update all assignees "Absent" status, notes, and comments at one time in a single form.
  3. The assignment list displays the date/time stamp of when the person was assigned and orders the assignees by assigned date oldest to newest.  This enables an admin to easily identify recent assignees.
  4. When sending emails to all assignees of a shift the email will automatically be seeded with all of the shift information, including a link back to the system.

Available for all Standard, Pro, and Enterprise Subscribers.


For more detailed information and instructions on the different functionality see the following links:

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