Volunteer Shifts - Assignment Date/Time Stamp and updated Manual Email Reminder recipient selector

Volunteer Shift Assignments include a date and time stamp of when they were assigned/volunteered!   As well as the ability to check/uncheck assignees as recipients for a manual reminder email.

1) The assignment list displays the date/time stamp of when the person was assigned/volunteered and orders the assignees by assigned date oldest to newest.  This enables an admin to easily identify recent assignees.


2) Now when you click "email contacts" from the multi-edit assignments screen, you can view recipients in a list where you can explicitly include or exclude an assignee as email recipients simply by checking or unchecking a box adjacent to their name.


A great example of using these two new features together, would be if an admin wanted to send out an email to all people newly assigned to a shift today, they can click 'confirmed assignments' numerical link for the shift, click 'email contacts', and only check the box adjacent to the names with an assigned date/time stamp from today.  Very easy.

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