Volunteer Calendar Wait Lists

Within VolunteerMatters Volunteer Calendars you can have the ability to have waiting lists (Pro and Enterprise Customers).

NOTE:  This must be activated in your system by Closerware Support.  Please contact to have it activated immediately!

Waiting Lists: Administrative View

You may activate waiting lists on any volunteer calendar by visiting Admin (config_24.png), Clicking Volunteer Calendars (vm_calendars_icon.png), and clicking Edit (edit_16.png) to the right of the appropriate calendar.
Set 'Allow Waiting Lists' to 'true'


For more information of managing calendars please see the following solution:

When administering a Volunteer Calendar with Waiting Lists activated you will see a new clickable number adjacent to the volunteer opportunity under  'Waiting' column icon (notes_24.png).


You can add wait-listed individuals by using the chooser to select them and selecting 'Save'.  You will notice the radio button to add people to the wait-list as a 'group' (if you convert them to an assignment later, it will only add ALL member of the group, together) or as 'individuals' (You can convert each person individually in the future, not requiring them to be assigned together).


To delete wait listed volunteers, check the box next to their listing and click 'Save'  (1)

To convert the wait listed individual or group to an assignee; check the box next to their listing and click 'Save' (2)



Waiting Lists: Volunteer's View

When waiting lists are activated and the shift is full, the user will be prompted to opt-in to being added to the waiting list.



**Please note, when Wait-lists are activated for a volunteer calendar, a volunteer can no longer just volunteer friends.  With this functionality the ability to sign up just friends is greyed out and a contact can only sign up friends/family if they themselves are already signed up. They can't sign up a group that they, themselves, are not a part of.


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