Volunteer Calendar : Status Matching

Within VolunteerMatters Opportunity Matching and Searching you can:

  • Restrict Volunteer Opportunities by Status
  • Designate New Attributes for Volunteer Opportunities
  • Allow Volunteers to Search Volunteer Opportunities Based on Attributes
  • Show/Hide Volunteer Opportunities Depending on a Volunteer's Credentials (Enterprise Customers Only)

With VolunteerMatters Pro you can only utilize status as a matching criteria. With the Enterprise version, you can show/hide Volunteer Opportunities depending on a Volunteer's credentials (multiple fields/criteria).

You can activate "Matching" on a volunteer calendar so that the system will hide those opportunities where the volunteer does not have the same attributes as the opportunity. For example, if the volunteer opportunity has been designated as requiring a training course or having passed a criminal background check, only those volunteers with those designations can see that opportunity. All other volunteers would never see those opportunities.

To filter shifts by status it is a two step process:

1 - When editing a Calendar (, the "Use Matching" property for "Contact Status" must be set to "True".

2 - Then Shifts under that calendar, then must be edited to include the shifts you wish to see them.

If the calendar is set to "Use Matching" = True then any shift that is configured with those statuses can view the shift. You can edit which statuses can see specific shifts in bulk.

When editing a calendar, the "Required" property means that an admin, when creating a shift, must include at least one status that can see the shift. Required is automatically selected if the calendar is using matching (true).

If the "Use Matching" property on a calendar is left at False, everyone can see the shifts.

If you are a VolunteerMatters Pro customer with interest on upgrading to enterprise please contact your account manager for more information.

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