Managing "Choose from a List" choices on a custom contact field.

You can change the values in a custom field either by the system setup wizard step 2 or manually when defining or editing a "Choose from a List" custom field options on a custom field (Drop-down List, Radio Buttons, Multi-Select List, Check Boxes), you can manage the "Choices" field with a list of choices separated by pipe symbols (i.e., Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday|Friday).  The system will display the choices in the order they have been entered in your setup.   NOTE:  PLEASE DO NOT ENTER A SPACE BEFORE OR AFTER THE "|" CHARACTER BETWEEN VALUES.

To update a VolunteerMatters custom field you may follow these steps:

  1. Log into VolunteerMatters as an administrator with setup-level access
  2. Click SetupContact Record and click "Edit" to the right of the appropriate "Choose from a List" custom field.
  3. Edit the "Choices" field to include all choices you would like to appear in the order you would like them to be displayed.
  4. Click "Save"
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