Create a site user record (system access) for a contact.

  1. Log into your organization's VolunteerMatters Administrative Site
  2. Click on Admin > Database.(note that you must have the correct permissions to manage contact records)
  3. Locate the Contact you wish to manage and click on the 'View Record Details' icon on the right.
  4. The System Access box shows the status of a site user record for this contact record. If a Site User Record exists, the system will provide you with a link to the site user record. If it does not exist,the system will provide a link to create a site user record.
  5. On the "Add Volunteer Site User" page:
    1. Make sure the "Active" box is checked if you intend for this user to have the ability to log in immediately after creating the site user.
    2. Give the site user a unique username (the system will check that it is unique)
    3. By checking the"Email Password" box, you can email the log in information to her email address upon clicking "Save".
    4. Give the site user at least the "Contact"/"Member" or "Volunteer: Active Contact" role in the system (the naming will depend on your individual system configuration.) 
    5. Choose to either have the system generate a password or assign a specific password by checking the appropriate box.
    6. Click 'Save' once you have completed the form.

If you should require to generate site user records en masse you can navigate to the following within VolunteerMatters: Setup > Bulk Add (within Setup Utilities section) where you can create the Site User Records in bulk by utilizing the chooser for which the accounts should be made, the username convention you would like employed.  

You can create user names according to the following conventions:

  • Lastname.Firstname
  • Firstname.Lastname
  • Email Address

You can then specify which security roles these new site user records should have.  At minimum they need to the Member/Contact or "Volunteer: Active Contact" role.

Bulk generation of site user accounts will not affect existing site user records in any way. 

Bulk generation of site user account will not automatically email login information to contacts.  That must be done after records are creating using the "Reset All Passwords" link on the Site User page.  You will need to filter site user records as any site user records in the current list will have their password reset and their credentials emailed to them when the "Reset All Passwords" link is clicked and email text confirmed.

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