Create a new custom field for contact records.

You may create new fields to track data for your contacts at any time. These fields will be immediately available in filters for reports, exports, communications, requirement assignment, etc.

Custom fields can be configured manually (instructions below) or via the system setup wizard (

Built-in Contact Fields:

Custom Fields:

Manual Instructions (requires VolunteerMatters Pro and above)

  1. Log into VolunteerMatters Administrative system (you must have the appropriate permissions to manage fields)
  2. Click on Setup > Contact Record.
  3. Click 'Add' 
  4. Enter a Unique Key (i.e. MAILPREF)
  5. Enter a label (i.e. "Mailing preference")
  6. Select the Field Data value from the drop-down list. This will set the kind of data that is expected for this field. The options include:

    Single Line Text
    Multi Line Text 
    Whole Number 
    Decimal Number 
    Choose One from a List 
    Choose Multiple from a List 
  7. Insert Help Text (i.e. "Please choose how this contact would like to receive communications from the organization")
  8. Check the Active box
  9. Set the display order. The display order determines which order the custom fields should appear in the system. Custom fields with lower display order values will appear higher in the list.
  10. If the Field Data value is "Choose one from a list" set the Input Config to either "Drop Down List" or "Radio Buttons". If the Field Data value is "Choose many from a list" set the Input Config to either "Multi-Select List" or "Check Boxes". If Check Boxes are used, you may choose to format the choices in one or two columns. If the options are short in length, but numerous, try two columns.
  11. Enter a string of choices where each choice is separated by a "|" (i.e. "US mail|Email|US Mail and Email|not at all") The "|" key is just above the Enter key on your keyboard. You must hold down the shift key.  NOTE:  PLEASE DO NOT ENTER A SPACE BEFORE OR AFTER THE "|" CHARACTER BETWEEN VALUES.
  12. Click Save.
  13. After Custom field is created it is placed in the "Available Fields" list on the Contact Page Layout page
  14. You will need to highlight it in that list and then click Add on the group you wish to add it to (such as Custom Contact Information). Click here for more information on grouping/ordering fields.
  15. Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen. This will place the field in that group in the Contact Record for administrators.
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