Reset Passwords and Send Login Credentials in bulk via the "Reset All Passwords" Utility

Within VolunteerMatters the "Reset All Passwords" Utility is available via the Site User Records Page of the VolunteerMatters Administrative System.  This utility will reset All passwords and email to ALL the users in the current list view.  For more information on Site User List Views click here.

To begin, log into VolutneerMatters with the proper administrative privileges and click on Admin > Site Users.
There you can will click the "Reset All Passwords' button (ResetAllPasswords.png) above the site user list. You will need to filter site user records as needed as any site user records in the current list will have their passwords reset and their login credentials emailed to them when the "Reset All Passwords" button is clicked and email text confirmed/customized and the administrator clicks "Send".  For example, you could create a site user record List View which shows those members who were created on a specific day, etc. You can also simply quick search on single member.

You are able to modify the email text and subject before sending. You will just need to remember not to modify the system link (without correcting or changing to your website URL if you have a Closerware Website) and the username/password merge fields. All other text can be modified.

The default email text settings are the following:

Email Subject:

VolunteerMatters Account Information

Email Body:  

This automatic email was sent to provide you with your unique username and new password for your VolunteerMatters system. (

Your Unique User Name:     ${username}
Your New Password:     ${password}

**Please do not reply to this e-mail. It was automatically generated by the VolunteerMatters system.

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    Christine Pellegrino-Celio

    when a person is first set up with login credentials is the email subject also "Volunteer Matters Account Information"? Does the email come from How long does it take from activation and selection of "send" username and password until the person receives notification? We'd like to notify our new members in advance that they can expect an email from_________ containing their password in the next few minutes, hours, etc. Thanks.

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    VolunteerMatters Support

    When creating a site user record manually for a contact record and the "email password" option is checked the email is sent immediately and comes with the subject "Account Information" and the from email is your Default From Email address in the system settings.

    If the site user records are created in bulk, emails are not sent and they must use this password utility outlined on this page.  This email has the customized subject of " VolunteerMatters Account Information" and is sent from the Default From Email address in the system settings.

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