Remove an individual contact's access.

Each record in the contact database may have a "Site User Record" associated with it to it that provides system access to the Volunteer Calendars, online contact directory, My Profile pages and administrative capabilities (if so designated). The site user account is related to a contact record but is a separate entity. As such it does not change if you should change a member from one status to another. If you delete a contact record VolunteerMatters will automatically remove their site user record.

If an individual should cease to be an active contact and you would like to maintain their contact record for historical purposes, you would have to disable or remove their site user account.  You would log into VolunteerMatters and click on Admin > Database and navigate to their contact record.  There you would click on the Site User Record link in their system access box.

There you can can either click the "Delete" button or click "Edit" and uncheck the "Active" checkbox and click "Save". You can either edit each individual site user account to either deactivate or delete the site user record or you can deactivate site user records in bulk. You can not delete site user records in bulk.

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