Contact Detail View: Requirements Tab

This tab in the contact record shows all active and current requirements assigned to this contact. If you would like to assign an existing organizational requirement to this contact or create a new requirement that only applies to this contact you must do this from the Setup > Define Reqs menu. The requirements tab within a contact’s record only allows you to manage fulfillments to requirements that were already assigned to a specific contact. For more information on creating and assigning requirements see the “Requirements and Fulfillments” forum.

Each requirement is listed in a colored band with the requirement’s name, due date, and fulfillment status. The requirement’s name, due date, and minimum required points are all centrally defined under Setup > Define Reqs. The requirement band shows the fulfillment status with the total number of fulfilled points over the minimum required points. 

  • The system considers any requirement where a contact’s total fulfillment points are less than the minimum required points as “unfulfilled”.
  • The system considers all unfulfilled requirements where today’s date is past the requirement’s due date as “delinquent”.
  • The system considers any requirement where a contact’s total fulfillment points are equal to or greater than the minimum required points as “fulfilled”.

The following illustration shows a requirement to attend 5 meetings before Dec 31st, 2009. It also shows that requirement has been fulfilled as the contact has attended 6 out of 5 required meetings Lastly, just beneath the requirement, it lists the fulfillment details (type, date, points, and notes) for each meeting attendance.


You may ‘Edit’ (doc_edit_16.png) or ‘Delete’ (editdelete.png) existing fulfillment entries by clicking on the corresponding icon to the right of its listing. 

To add a fulfillment to a requirement, click the “new” (filenew2.png) icon just beneath the corresponding requirement. This will open an ‘Add Fulfillment’ dialogue at the bottom of the page. Select the Fulfillment Type (Attendance, Volunteer Shift, Purchase, Donation, Buy-Out, Fine Payment, Excused), Date, Points, and Notes. Once you have made your edits you may click “Add” to save your changes or “Cancel” to cancel.

All of the information that appears on this tab is also made available to contacts via their ‘My Profile’ page. This includes all notes entered on fulfillments 

For information on importing fulfillments, please see the “Importing” forum. Imports allow an administrator to upload a tab or comma separated text file (CSV) of entries to make many entries to many records.

For more information on bulk update of fulfillments, please see the “Requirements and Fulfillments” forum. Bulk update of fulfillments allows an administrator to identify a single entry that applies to many records (e.g., “Attended Feb 2010 General Meeting”).


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