Grant administrative rights within VolunteerMatters for a site user record

An existing administrator with the proper privileges can log into the VolunteerMatters Administrative System, and then click Admin > Database then navigate to the appropriate record and click the "View Record Detail" icon/'link.

On the Contact tab, there will be a box for "System Access". If the user in question does not already have a site user record the box will state "This contact does not have system access" and provides a link to "Create a Site User Record".**

If the contact already has an active site user record the box will state "This contact has a site user record that is currently activated." and provide a link to the "Site User Record"

Once you are adding or editing a site user record you may check the box adjacent to one or more roles (user access) and click Save. For a description of the permissions each role provides, hover over the role name and hold down your left mouse button.

**Note: The Contact must have a valid email address before adding system access.

To assigned VolunteerMatters Components (Website, eStore, Social Collaboration) roles please click here for instructions.

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