Change a contact's status

In VolunteerMatters, status changes can be made manually via the Contact's record via the Status Field.  Here you can change the status and status as of date to the current date or a date in the past.

You can also make status changes in bulk via the "Manage Contact Status" page (Admin > Status).

  1. Click 'Choose' to bring up the 'Choose Contact(s)' window where you can filter by list views (for more information on List Views please refer to the VolunteerMatters Admin Guide) or search for contacts individually that you wish to have their status changed. 
    It’s important to note that if you “check all” or “clear all” it will only act on the records viewable in the list, not on all of the records that may have resulted from a search.  For example, if your “Results per Page” were set to 25, it would act on the 25 records displayed.  If “Results per Page” were set to 500, it would act on the 500 records displayed.  The “Results per Page” setting is at the top-right of the contact chooser.
  2. Once you have the contacts selected, click OK. This will populate the contacts box on the "Manage Contact Status" page.  
  3. Select the new status from the "Status" dropdown.
  4. Enter the "As of Date" for the new status.  Use the calendar chooser or enter the date in a mm/dd/yyyy format.  (Must be present day or in the past.  At this time future dates are not allowed by the system).
  5. Enter any "Notes" on the status change. (Notes are visible by the contact in ‘My Profile’) 
  6. Click "Save".

This will change the contact's status and update their Status History on the Status tab on the Contact Record.

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