Manage which fields a contact can view or self-manage in their profile.

  1. Log into your organization's VolunteerMatters Administrative Site (you must have the appropriate permissions to manage My Profile Fields)
  2. Click on Setup > My Profile Fields
  3. Scroll down to the field which you would like to manage.
  4. Set the 'Contact Can View' (left column) drop-down to 'True' in order for the field to appear on a contact's My Profile page.
  5. Set the 'Contact Can Update' (right column) drop-down to 'True' in order for the field to be manageable by the contact on their My Profile page. (Note: Make sure that the 'Contact Can View' set to 'True' as well, or it won't be visible for the contact to update.)
  6. Click 'Save'

**Please note:  You may need to edit the My Profile Layout page to make sure the field is displayed within one of your groups.

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