Contact Detail View: Interaction Tab

The Interaction tab allows administrators to manually record a history of communication and attendance interactions between your organization and a contact.


By default, the system includes communication and attendance interactions. An interaction can have one or more of the following:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Type (customizable by interaction type)
  • Subject
  • Notes

Interactions are grouped by type and listed in date/time order (newest to oldest). To delete or update an existing entry, click the ‘Edit’ (doc_edit_16.png) icon to the right of its listing. 

To add an interaction record, click ‘new‘ (filenew2.png) to the right of the Interaction Type and enter the appropriate data for the available fields.

  • For date fields, you may either manually enter a date in yyyy-mm-dd format or use the ‘Date Chooser’ (calendar.gif) to select a date from a graphical calendar or use the 'today' link to insert the current date.
  • For time fields, you may either manually enter the time in hh:mm AM/PM format or use the ‘now’ (clock.png) button to have the current time inserted in the field for you.
  • For type fields please select the sub-type of the interaction (e.g., for a communication interaction you may select phone, fax, email, letter, walk-in, etc.)
  • For subject and notes fields you may enter text

Communication interactions are automatically generated for each recipient when an email is sent out via VolunteerMatters (see the "Communications" forum.) Also, when generating a letter merge an administrator has the option of generating communication history interaction in bulk for all records included in a merge (see the "Communications" forum.) Attendance Interactions may be generated in bulk via the attendance scan utility (see the "Attendance Scanning" forum.) You may also add interaction records in bulk by using the Import Utility (See the "Importing" forum.)

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