Edit Site User Records (system access) for multiple users in bulk

On the Site User Record page,  there is a sub-menu item called "Reset User Access." Selecting this menu item will allow an administrator to set the roles, the site user record status, and for enterprise customers, the admin contact segmentation for all site user records on the current list view.


This will  be useful in certain situations where an administrator needs to change access for a group of users at once.  For example,

  • Remove access for contacts that have recently changed status (for example, a 'deactivated' or 'inactive' status)
  • Add access for new registrants that have been approved or vetted
  • Change administrative access as Volunteers change committee positions

The utility resets the selected users to the chosen new options.   Please note that this will change whatever the current setting for a user to whatever is selected in the bulk utility.  Meaning, if they had a specific administrative role and you were attempting to simply add one other role to a group of records in bulk it would not add the new role and leave existing ones.  It would change every records only role to the one specified in the bulk utility.

Edit Site User Records in Bulk

To edit site user records in bulk, click the "Reset User Access" button (above) and then from here, check the box on the left of the attribute you would like to update for all of the site user records you are editing.
Then make your changes to the site user attribute (selecting user access roles, whether site user record is active or inactive, and the contact segmentation (VolunteerMatters Enterprise) and click 'Save'. Only the attributes which have the box to the left of the field checked will be updated for all of the site user in the list view.  All other attributes will remain untouched, as they originally were before editing, for each site user record.  With this method you can change the any single or all of the attributes at one time.
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