Update your Contact photo in VolunteerMatters from My Profile

**Please note.  Your organization must have the online photo field configured so it can be updated by contacts via My Profile.  Administrators, click here for more information.

Log into your organization's VolunteerMatters Site with your login information.

  • Click on 'Me' (user_24.png).
  • Locate the 'Basic Contact Information'** in the top left and click 'Edit'


  • This will expand the box down to reveal the available editable fields.  If your record has an online photo uploaded, the system will display your contact photo in this box as well.
  • The Online photo is normally located near the bottom of the expanded 'Edit' screen**.


  • If you do not have a photo it will only include a "Browse" button.   If you already have a photo it will note that a "photo exists" and include a "remove" button:


  • To add the photo you will select "Browse",  this will open a file browser on your PC.  You will need to locate the image desired and highlight it and click 'Open'.  


  • This will populate the field with the file path of the image from your local machine.   Then click "Update" and the image will be uploaded and associated with your contact record.


  • If you need to remove the image you will click edit on the "Basic Contact Information" group and click "Remove" and then "Update".


Please Note: While the Contact Database will for the most part re-size larger images when uploaded via the Contact Record, a larger file (above 512KB) can sometimes produce abnormal results and cause an upload failure. Also, if the dimensions can not be converted to bring one successfully below 200px the error can occur as well.   For images that cause an error (and to avoid automatic system resizing),  we recommend resizing the image (for clarity and quickness of upload) before uploading via the Contact Record. A good image size is around 133w X 200h.

**This is the default group name and location for the online photo field.  This may have been changed for your organization.  Please click here for more information.

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