Memorizing a report.

On the Reports page, the system lists all of the memorized reports you have or will create from one of our built-in reports (templates) under the "Memorized Reports" section. Each memorized report has the option to ‘run’, ‘edit’, or ‘delete’ the report. 

Memorize a Report

  1. Click "run" on one of the reports found in the "Reports List" section
  2. Modify any available field filters, report parameters, contact filters, or report fields. 
  3. Click the Run button
  4. The system will prompt you asking if you would like to memorize the report by clicking 'save new' or just ‘run once’ without memorizing it. If you choose to save the report for future use you will just input a report name and description and click ‘save new’.
The report will now be listed in the ‘Most Recently Run Reports’ section with an ‘In Queue’ status as usual, but it will now also be listed in the "Memorized Reports" section under the appropriate grouping, with your specified name and description as a memorized report.

If you edit a memorized report you may update the name and/or description of the report. If you run the memorized report and change any of the settings before clicking ‘Run’, the system will prompt you to ‘update’ the existing memorized report, create a new memorized report (‘save new’) or just ‘run once’ without changing the memorized report or creating a new one.

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