Run a merge (label, mail, letter, etc.) using Microsoft Excel & Word.

There are times when a merge of data must be done outside of the VolunteerMatters system in order to allow more flexibility in the styling of labels or letters to be used. Although the system provides the basic ability to run mail label and letter merges, it is possible that your organization will wish to use custom label sizes and/or letter formats. The basic steps are to retrieve data from the system, choose the label or letter template, match fields from the export to the template, perform the merge. 

Here are the more detailed steps using a basic name tag label as an example (note that the fields of data and the types of labels are specific in this case but can be a variety of combinations in your particular case.)

  1. Log in to your VolunteerMatters system
  2. Click on Admin > Reports, and run the Contact Listing Report.
  3. Follow the instructions in the user guide for running a report in order to get a dump of the data for the contacts you need, containing the fields you require for your merge. (Clicking "Edit" on Report Fields when running report and make sure to check any additional fields you need).  Note that you may retrieve more data fields than you need for your merge, but you can easily delete columns of data in the resulting csv file using Microsoft Excel, in order to only include the fields you require for your merge.

Additional Information (Office 2010):

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