Assuring a high-level of email deliverability

VolunteerMatters sends automated email communications and also allows you to manually send invitations, reminders, and general bulk emails.  In order to ensure the emails sent through our system have the absolute best chance to reach the intended recipient, we have the following recommendations:

(1) Assure you set your default from email address in VolunteerMatters is set to  This is the default setting but some older instances may have customized setting here.   This allows for a better deliver-ability rate for all systems. You can configure the From Email Name, Reply-to Email Name, and Reply-To Email.

(2) Make sure you have the correct email addresses on record for your volunteers.  If the individual's email address is empty, improperly entered, or has changed, the contact may not have been sent a message (if no email) or have received your message. Please verify the email address of the individual.

(3) Your volunteers likely use SPAM or Anti-virus software that may have mistakenly block emails.  This could include software running on the individual's computer, their company's network, or their email provider's network. This is often the culprit for missing emails. If they find that they are not receiving emails, ask them to please check their spam folders.  You should ask that they add any emails originating from,, or your organization's domain name to be accepted as a valid sender and/or contact address.

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