Create a QuickBooks invoice on a requirement.

Within VolunteerMatters you are able to create requirements for a particular time period. You may then assign this requirement to specific individuals. With QuickBooks Integration you may then generate invoices for all individuals that have been assigned to a specific requirement. VolunteerMatters will securely communicate with your local QuickBooks file over the Internet to generate invoices for the appropriate individuals. The system allows several options when generating invoices including selecting an invoice date, which QuickBooks items (products) should be associated with the invoice and which receivables account the invoice should be applied against.

If there is a contact record in your database that does not have a corresponding customer record in QuickBooks, it will create one automatically.

This solution assumes you are familiar with the creation and management of requirements.

  1. Log in to the VolunteerMatters System with the appropriate permissions.
  2. Navigate to Setup > Define Reqs
  3. Click on the "Assign" icon users_sm.gif to the right of the requirement you wish to create invoices for.
  4. Assuming you have already set up the list of contacts who are assigned to the requirement, click the "Generate Invoices" button. Note that you can only add one invoice per contact per requirement. The help text will indicate how many of the current list have had invoices created.
  5. On the next screen you will manage the information about the invoice required by QuickBooks:
    1. Choose a date this invoice was/will be issued that will appear on the invoice
    2. Choose an Accounts Receivable Account
    3. Choose the Terms for the invoice
    4. Add up to 4 line items for the invoice with a quantity, item type, description, rate. The items in the list are synched with your QB file and will automatically fill in the fields with default values when chosen. You can override the quantity, description and rate values however.
    5. Click Next when you are done setting up the invoice
    6. Review the results and either click Edit to make changes or Generate Invoices to confirm and create the invoices.
  6. This will create tasks within the system for the creation of invoices. If you go to the Requirements tab on any of the contacts' detail records who were assigned the requirement, you will see that the Invoice is in the state of "Invoice Submitted", "Invoice Pending", or "Invoice Recorded"
    1. Invoice Submitted: The system has created a job so that the next time your QB file is synched with Closerware, it will pull down that task of creating an invoice for that contact.
    2. Invoice Pending: The system is in the middle of synching with your QB file and is pending a response indicating that the invoice was recorded.
    3. Invoice Recorded: Your QuickBooks Web Connector has received the task of creating an invoice for that user and has indicated to Closerware that it was successfully recorded in your QuickBooks file.
  7. You can also check the overall status of the invoices on requirements by navigating to the Financial section off of the Admin menu, and then clicking on the Invoice Tx icon.

If you have your QuickBooks Web Connector running every 30 minutes on the computer where your QuickBooks file is located, it will receive the update from Closerware automatically and add the invoice for each of the contacts into your file on the next update. If you do not have it running every 30 minutes then you must manually tell it to update and synch with Closerware.



Click here for more information on QuickBooks invoicing

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