Create a QuickBooks payment on fulfillments.

Within VolunteerMatters you are able to create financial requirements that are assigned to specific individuals. From these requirements you can generate invoices. Each time a fulfillment to these requirements are created for one or more individuals, the system provides you with the option to record a payment in QuickBooks. When recording the payment (financial fulfillment), you may select a transaction type, date, and amount, and which receivables account the payment should be applied against.

To create payments in your QuickBooks business file based on requirement fulfillments, follow the below steps.

  1. Log in to the VolunteerMatters System with the appropriate permissions.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Reqs Dash to the Requirements Dashboard.
  3. Click on the "Add Fulfillments" link to the right of the requirement you wish to create fulfillment payments for. 
  4. Create the fulfillment record as usual, choosing the appropriate contacts that have fulfilled the requirement
  5. You must then check the box labeled "Include a Financial Transaction" and fill out the remaining fields:
    1. Choose the transaction type
    2. Choose the date on which this transaction occurred as the payment date
    3. Choose an Accounts Receivable Account
    4. Enter the amount of this payment
    5. Optionally add a memo for this payment
    6. Click Add Fulfillments to confirm and create both the fulfillment record in the VolunteerMatters system and the creation of a financial transaction in your QuickBooks file.
  6. This will create tasks within the system for the creation of payments. If you go to the Requirements tab on any of the contacts' detail records who were given the fulfillment, you will see under the Requirement, the fulfillment record listed with a status of "Payment Submitted", "Payment Pending" or "Payment Recorded"
    1. Payment Submitted: The system has created a job so that the next time your QB file is synched with Closerware, it will pull down that task of creating a payment for that contact.
    2. Payment Pending: The system is in the middle of synching with your QB file and is pending a response indicating that the payment was recorded.
    3. Payment Recorded: Your QuickBooks Web Connector has received the task of creating a payment for that user and has indicated to Closerware that it was successfully recorded in your QuickBooks file.
  7. You can also check the overall status of the payments by navigating to the Financial section off of the Admin menu, and then clicking on the Payment Tx icon.
You can also create individual fulfillments and payments on contacts when viewing the contact's "Requirements" tab and clicking the "add" icon for a specific requirement.

If you have your QuickBooks Web Connector running every 30 minutes on the computer where your QuickBooks file is located, it will receive the update from Closerware automatically and add the payment for each of the contacts into your file on the next update. If you do not have it running every 30 minutes then you must manually tell it to update and synch with Closerware.



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