Check the status of QuickBooks payments on fulfillments.

Payments on Fulfillments can be viewed in two ways:

Contact Fulfillment Financial Transactions List
  1. Log in to the VolunteerMatters System with the appropriate permissions
  2. Navigate to Admin > Payment Tx menu item in the Financial section. 
  3. By default the list is filtered showing Fulfillments from the past 30 days. You can remove this filter criteria and/or add more to filter down the list.
This list will give the admin a global view of all fulfillments with payments associated with them, with the ability to see the current status on each transaction.
  • Submitted - The transaction has been created but not yet recorded in your organization's QuickBooks company file (or the Closerware system has yet to receive the response from your Web Connector running on your local QuickBooks machine that it has been recorded.)
  • Recorded - The Web Connector has told the Closerware system that it has recorded the transaction in your organization's QuickBooks Company file.
  • Error - There was an error in entering the transaction into QuickBooks, please contact support for further information on the error.
Individual Contact Detail
The status of a transaction can also be viewed by navigating to an individual contact's profile detail and to the "Requirements" tab. There you can see the fulfillments on a requirement, including the current status of the payment associated with the fulfillment.
If you have your QuickBooks Web Connector running every 30 minutes on the computer where your QuickBooks file is located, it will receive the update from Closerware automatically and add the transaction for each of the contacts into your file on the next update. If you do not have it running every 30 minutes then you must manually tell it to update and synch with Closerware. This can effect the time it takes for transactions to have their status updated.



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