Overview of financial integration.

Closerware's VolunteerMatters can be enhanced to share contact information with your local QuickBooks file, create invoices in bulk, and apply payments in bulk.

How it works

Within VolunteerMatters you are able to create requirements for a particular year. You may then assign this requirement to specific Contacts (typically by status). With QuickBooks Integration for VolunteerMatters you may then generate invoices for all contacts that have been assigned to a specific requirement. VolunteerMatters will securely communicate with your local QuickBooks file over the Internet to generate invoices for the appropriate contacts. The system allows several options when generating the invoices including selected an invoice date, selecting which QuickBooks items (products) should be associated with the invoice and which receivables account the invoice should be applied against.

The system can also automatically synchronize the contact information for an individual with their corresponding QuickBooks customer record. If there is a contact record in your database that does not have a corresponding customer record in QuickBooks, it will create one automatically when creating invoices or payments.

When fulfilling requirements you can designate that fulfillment as a financial fulfillment. This will record a payment against the invoice in QuickBooks.

Each time an invoice is generated or a payment is recorded via VolunteerMatters it updates the contact's profile. When they log in to view their 'My Profile' page, they can see exactly which financial requirements they are obligated to fulfill and exactly what payments have been recorded against that requirement.


There are four main benefits to QuickBooks integration for VolunteerMatters.

  1. All contact information is synchronized across systems so that you do not need to manage two separate sets of contact data.
  2. You can create invoices and apply payments in bulk. QuickBooks does not offer the ability to generate hundreds or thousands of invoices with a single transaction. Closerware's product provides this capability. Additionally, you can apply payments in bulk.
  3. Distribute accounting tasks via the Web. With QuickBooks, you must be sitting on the computer or network where the QuickBooks software is running. With Closerware's integration you may access financial information including when, how, and who was invoiced or made payments. Additionally, you may also securely grant administrative access to certain individuals to allow the creation of invoices or recording of payments via the web.
  4. Communicate more effectively with your contacts surrounding their financial obligations. When your contacts log into 'My Profile', they can see all financial requirements for which they have been invoiced. They can also see any payments they have made and how it was applied. Contacts have complete and accurate visibility into their financial commitments.


Closerware will walk you through the steps necessary to launch QuickBooks Integration for VolunteerMatters. The steps are fairly simple. First, you provide Closerware with a backup of your existing QuickBooks file. Second, Closerware will perform the initial synch of your contact records to customer records, your QuickBooks "items", and the list of available receivables accounts to which invoices and payments can be applied. Lastly, Closerware will walk you through the installation of Intuit's web connector that securely synchronizes data and transactions between your local QuickBooks file and Closerware's servers.


VolunteerMatters QuickBooks Integration works with QuickBooks Pro 2006 (or greater). QuickBooks Premier is also acceptable. VolunteerMatters Quickbooks Integration is not compatible with Quickbooks Online as the QuickBooks Web Connector is required and does not work with the online edition.



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