Configure Accounts, Items, and Terms

VolunteerMatters must initially be "synched" with your QuickBooks company file in order to match up the QuickBooks financial lists to the associated lists in VolunteerMatters. The system needs to have a list of Accounts, Items and Terms from your QuickBooks company file in order to create invoices and/or payments via the VolunteerMatters system. These are used when adding invoices or payments just like they would be used if you were adding them via QuickBooks. A Closerware Setup Specialist has already run an initial request for these lists so that they will be updated the next time your QuickBooks WebConnector communicates with the VolunteerMatters system.

In order to manage the Accounts, Terms and Items for your system, you should follow these instructions:

  1. Log in as an administrator with the QuickBooks Administrator role to your VolunteerMatters Administrative System.
  2. Navigate to the "Customize Financial Integration" area off of the Setup menu.
  3. You'll see a list of the options for managing your Financial System Integration product:
    1. Accounts
    2. Items
    3. Terms
  4. Each of these are managed identically so we will use the Account Management Tool as our example:
    1. Click on Accounts
    2. You'll either see a list of already "synched" accounts or an empty list with the "Synchronize Account List with QuickBooks" section at the bottom.

      If you do not see the list of accounts:
      1. You should first make sure your WebConnector is communicating with the VolunteerMatters system. If after running the WebConnector you still do not see a list of accounts, then you must have the VolunteerMatters system query your QuickBooks company file for a list of accounts currently in your file, to be used when creating invoices and payments.
        1. Click on the "Synchronize Account List with QuickBooks" link. Note that by clicking on this link, it will override any settings you may currently have on your accounts (same with items and terms.)
        2. This will set up a job in a queue, which will be a request to your system for the accounts. This request will be pulled down the next time your QuickBooks Web Connector runs to connect to the Closerware QuickBooks Web Service. So you should make sure you have that running every 30 mins (or do a manual update by checking the box next to the application in the Web Connector and clicking "Update Selected" 
        3. Please be patient as this request and response does not happen in real time, but must wait for the communication to occur between your Web Connector and our system, and then the processing of the results, before it is complete with the synchronization. You DO NOT need to continually click the link to refresh the page, to prevent multiple requests from being created to query your QuickBooks file. You should instead use the refresh button on your browser to check if the querying is complete. 
      2. You will see the list of accounts that were found in your QuickBooks company file once the querying is complete.
    3. You can now edit the accounts which were brought up to the VolunteerMatters System from your QuickBooks company file
      1. Click the 'Edit' icon next to account you wish to manage. 
      2. You'll then be able to update the display order and set the account as "Active" or uncheck to make it "Inactive". Only "Active" accounts will show up in the drop down of available accounts when creating an invoice or payment.
      3. Click the "Update" button to save your changes
      4. Note that you should only include those accounts you wish to have available to QuickBooks Administrators to put invoices or payments against. These should only include Accounts Receivable account (and as a matter of fact the system will only show "Accounts Receivable" type accounts in the drop down for invoices or payments as these are the only type of accounts which they can go against in QuickBooks.)
    4. You are now done managing accounts and can go attempt to create an invoice or payment via the requirements setup or the requirements dashboard.

The instructions are similar for Items and Terms.

If after making these updates you still cannot create invoices or payments while creating requirements or fulfillments, you may not have the correct type of accounts active. You must make sure that you have at least one account of type "Accounts Receivable" active when you are managing accounts in order to create invoices or payments, and you must have at least one item and term active in order to create invoices. 

If you do not have this, you must update your local QuickBooks company file by adding the "Accounts Receivable" account, or an item record or a terms record and then rerunning the synchronization of the accounts, items or terms.

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