Remove a requirement assignment from a contact.

If you should want to remove a requirement assignment for one or more contacts you have several mechanisms available to you. 

  1. To assign contacts to a previously created requirement follow these steps: 
    1. Log into your organization's VolunteerMatters Administrative Site 
    2. Click on Setup > Define Reqs
    3. Click the ‘Assign’ icon users_sm.gif to the right of the requirement to which you would like to remove assignments. 
  2. There are three utilities to facilitate the removal of requirement assignment to contacts:
      • First, you could click the red ‘X’ (editdelete.png) to the right of the contacts listing and this will release that specific contact from the requirement 
      • You may remove all contacts from this requirement by clicking the "Remove All" button in the "Remove All Contacts" box.
      • You may remove selected contacts by using the chooser. 
        • Click “choose” ( users_sm.gif) to the right of the “Remove Selected Contacts” box. 
        • After selecting the proper contact records from the  chooser you will see that the list of selected contacts now appears in the “Remove Selected Contacts” box. 
        • Click ‘Remove’ to formally request the removal of those contact records. 
        • An “Are you sure?” pop-up will appear, click ‘OK’ if you are sure of the change. 
  3. As you remove contacts they are eliminated from the list to the left of the page and the total number of contacts is updated at the bottom of that list and in the requirement summary at the top of the page.

Note: You can also remove the Requirement directly on the Requirement Tab on the Contact Record itself via the Red Delete X on the far right of the Requirement Name.  However you can only remove the requirement on the record if there are no fulfillments on that requirement.

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