Assign requirements to contacts.

Once a requirement has been created in the system, you may assign it to one or more contacts. Assignments can be made to contacts by status or just about any other common attribute that is contained within the database. 

  1. To assign contacts to a previously created requirement follow these steps: 
    1. Log into your organization's VolunteerMatters Administrative Site 
    2. Click on Setup > Define Reqs
    3. Click the ‘Assignments’ icon ( users_sm.gif) to the right of the requirement to which you would like to make assignments.

      You can also assign requirements to a contact via the Requirements tab on their profile from the Contact Database.

  2. There are three utilities to facilitate the assignment of contacts: 
      • You may add all contacts from this requirement by clicking the "Add All” button to the right of the assignment list in the "Add All Contacts" box.
      • Add Contacts by Status 
        • Choose a status type
        • Choose a contact status
        • Click Add.
          All contacts of that status will be added to the list at the left of the page. If you wanted to add contacts of two different statuses, you would just have to use this tool twice.
      • You may add selected contacts by using the contact chooser. 
        • Click “Choose Contacts” ( users_sm.gif) to the right of the “Add Selected Contacts” box.  
        • After selecting the proper contact records from the contact chooser you will see that the list of selected contacts now appears in the “Add Selected Contacts” box. 
        • Click ‘Add’ to formally request the addition of those contact records. 
        • An “Are you sure?” pop-up will appear, click ‘OK’ if you are sure of the change.
  3. As you add contacts they are listed to the left of the page and the total number of contacts is displayed at the bottom of that list and in the requirement summary at the top of the page.
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