Add a fulfillment record from the contact's record.

  1. Log into your organization's VolunteerMatters Administrative Site
  2. Click on Admin > Database.
  3. Navigate to the Contact in question (either by List View or search)
  4. Click ‘View Record Detail' (user_24.png) icon to the right of the member’s record
  5. Click on the ‘Requirements’ tab.
    You will see a listing of all requirements that had been previously assigned to this contact. The listing will include the name of the requirement, the due date, and the fulfillment status (total point value of all fulfillments over the minimum points required to completely satisfy the requirement). If previous fulfillments had been entered they would be listed in the gray area just beneath each requirement. 

  6. Click filenew2.png ‘new’ under the requirement to which you would like to add a fulfillment. 
  7. Select a Fulfillment Type. (To manage fulfillment types visit SetupFulfillment Types)
  8. Enter the date this fulfillment was made. 
  9. Enter the point value of the fulfillment. Points are a generic unit of measure that can accommodate a monetary  amount, time, quantity, etc. For example, the following matrix describes varying types of requirements and what their resulting point values would be:

    Name Actual Value Point Value
    Pay membership dues $125.00 125.00
    Volunteer 10 hours 10 Hours 10.00
    Attend 4 general meetings 4 meetings 4.00
    Sell 3 fundraising products 3 Product Sales 3.00
    Actively participate on a committee True/False 1.00
    You can see how points can accommodate partial or complete fulfillments. For example, if a contact paid for half of their membership dues, a fulfillment of 62.50 points would be applied to this total (62.50 out of 125.00 completed). If a contact attended 1 general meeting, the fulfillment would have a value of 1.00 point (1.00 out of 3.00 completed). This system can also accommodate more subjective requirements like the last example to “actively participate on a committee”. An organizational leader may evaluate a person’s level of participation and decide if it is deserving of a 1.00 fulfillment or not.

    • If the total fulfillment points are greater or equal to the Minimum Requirement Points, the system will consider the requirement fulfilled. 

    • If the total fulfillment points are less than the minimum requirement points (as defined when creating the requirement), the system will consider the requirement unfulfilled. 
  10. Enter any notes relating to the fulfillment. All fulfillment information, including notes, will be viewable by the member on the ‘My Profile’ section of your website.
  11. Click ‘Add’
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