Using the handheld scanner.

Closerware’s VolunteerMatters Attendance Tools provides portable, wireless scanning device(s) running Closerware’s attendance-tracking software. The device does not require a PC and can communicate directly with Closerware’s services over the Internet.

The portable scanning devices allow operators to recorded attendance information in blocks called sessions. Once the session(s) have been closed device operators can “synchronize with server” to move session data files to your VolunteerMatters administrative system for processing.

Power On and Open Application

Power on your unit by pressing the power button. If the display is not back lit you may then hold down the power button to enable to backlighting.


If the application has not been started already you may select the “Attendance Scanner” icon from the desktop or go to Start > Programs > Attendance Scanner. Once the application has started you will see a main menu similar to the following:


Start a Scanning Session

Typically you create a scanning session for any period of time you will be scanning attendance to an event, program or initiative. Sessions are opened and closed. Each session is identified by a session name. A single event may have any number of scanning sessions associated with it.

  1. Click on “Start Scanning Session”
  2. The system will prompt for the Session Name and Scanner Name. The session name should provide descriptive information about what this scan session data will contain. This will be useful information once you upload this scan data to your database. For example session name may be “January General Membership Meeting”.

    The Scanner name should provide distinctive information about which scanner was used to capture the information. For example, you may want to name the scanner after the individual performing scans or after the entrance that the scanner was being used (i.e., “West Entrance”).

    You may use the “auto” button to insert the current date and time as the session name. You may also use the “last” button to insert the last session name used on the device.
  3. Click “OK”

The screen will state “Scanner ready”

Start Scanning Barcodes

You may scan each individual’s member ID card or sign-in sheet by pressing either one of the yellow buttons on the sides of the device and pointing it at the corresponding barcode. You may also press both yellow buttons simultaneously.


Hold the unit 2 to 4 inches from the barcode when scanning. Holding the unit too close to the barcode may not register properly and holding the device too far from the barcode could cause inadvertent scans (especially if scanning from a sign-in sheet or list).

Each time a scan has been recorded you will hear a “Beep” and the scanner’s screen will display the unique ID number encoded in the barcode. This is a confirmation that your scan has been recorded. If you do not hear a sound it means that the device has not yet recognized a barcode.

When you have finished scanning you can click “Stop Scanning” 

Your device can store up to 40,000 scans before having to be synchronized. However, we recommend synchronizing as soon as it is convenient to maintain data relevance.

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