Attendance scanning overview.

The portable scanning devices allow operators to recorded attendance information in blocks called sessions. Once the session(s) have been closed device operators can “synchronize with server” to move session data files to your VolunteerMatters Administrative system for processing. This is where you can define where and how these attendance records should be recorded against contact records. The overall process is as follows:

Prior to scanning:

  1. Assign unique Attendance IDs to contacts
  2. Produce bar-coded media to scan for contacts

From the portable scanning device:

  1. Scan contact barcodes with portable scanning devices, creating one or more scan “sessions”.
  2. Synchronize session data from portable scanning device to the VolunteerMatters system

From the VolunteerMatters Administrative System:

  1. Validate scan session data
  2. Generate “Interactions” from scan data
  3. Generate one or more requirement fulfillments from interaction records
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