Synch session data to the VolunteerMatters service.

Press “Synchronize With Server” to move the session data from your portable scanning device to Closerware’s servers via the Internet.


You will see the list of one or more scanning sessions quickly scroll until all sessions have been moved to the server.

Please consult the "Connecting an attendance scanner to the internet." article for more information on connecting the scanner to the internet.

NOTE: Your scanning device must have a properly configured WLAN/Wireless or cradle-based Ethernet connection to a network with Internet access. Please consult a qualified network consultant to configure the network settings for your device(s)

If your device should return an error concerning network connectivity, please consult your local network administrator. This most likely means that your portable scanning device does not have a proper connection to your network. 

If your device should return an error about an invalid login please contact support for assistance in updating your scanner’s configuration settings.

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