Contact Advanced Search.

Adjacent to the list view control on the contact list you will see an option to perform an advanced find for contact records.  The "Advanced Search" allows you to filter records "on the fly", essentially creating a temporary list view.   Please see the image below for the button.



This button will open the  'Advanced Search' screen



Where you will select the Filter Criteria from the drop-down list and then, depending on the field type, be presented the with selections, text fields, date selectors, etc to utilize that criteria.  In this sample, it is the Status field which displays as a choose from a list field.



Once you make your filter criteria you will click the "Add" button.  Then your selections will be displayed in the list.


Once one filter criteria has been added, you can select a new criteria from the dropdown and repeat the process.  If you wish to remove a criteria you can do so by clicking on the remove icon on the far right of each criteria (delete.gif).   The Filter Match is available as a drop down that switches "All Criteria" to "Any Criteria" and vice versa and then click the "Apply" button.

To return to a list view you can simply select a list view from the view drop-down.


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