Managing List View Filters for Volunteer Interactions

There are list views for volunteer interactions on the volunteering tab under 'My Profile' and in several places for administrative use.  For an overview on Volunteer Interactions please see  

When creating or editing volunteer interaction views, you may narrow the included records (e.g., to only certain types of events or contacts). For example, you can add a "Field Filter" where you may narrow the list by:

  • Date - only volunteers who volunteered 'on or after' or 'before' a certain date
  • Type - only volunteering of certain type(s) (types are manageable per customer and can be assigned to shifts)
  • Project Name – only volunteering for specific projects
  • Volunteer Role – This is the shift name/role
  • Source - only volunteer activities originating from a specific source.  The following are examples of the different sources:
    • Volunteer Shift
      Volunteer assigned to a shift, was not marked absent

    • Shift Withdrawal
      Volunteer self-withdrew from the assignment

    • Shift Absence
      Volunteer assignment to which the volunteer was marked absent (either an admin marked them as absent or the kiosk module had no record of them ever signing in)

    • Admin Reported
      Administrator recorded volunteer interaction that was not a pre-scheduled shift

    • Self Reported
      The volunteer recorded volunteer interaction via 'My Profile'.  System must be configured to allow contacts to add their own interactions.  If you would like more information on this please contact support.

    • Volunteer Interest
      Volunteer expressed interest in something (Enterprise configurations only)

    • Volunteer Shift Reserved
      This is only used for Enterprise customers that utilize a confirmation process.  This means they had signed up for the shift but they have yet to be asked to confirm.  The system can be configured to require an admin to move them to a state requesting confirmation or the system can automatically move assignees to this state 'n' days before the shift date.

    • Volunteer Shift Unconfirmed
      This is only used for Enterprise customers that utilize a confirmation process.  Means they had signed up and been asked to confirm the shift have yet to respond.  The system can be configured to send automated emails every 'n' days asking for confirmation until the volunteer either confirms or withdraws.  At the point they confirm, they are moved to a 'Volunteer Shift' source.

For more help in managing list views, please see the solution: Managing List Views

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